Usher/Greeter Ministry

The Usher/Greeter Ministry at Pine Street Baptist is here to help facilitate our church services.  The purpose of this ministry is to provide assistance to people during the worship service. 

  1. Arrive to worship services 15 minutes early so that you can welcome all members and visitors to the service. 
  2. Greet worship attendees at the main sanctuary doors.
  3. Provide worship attendees with programs.  Ensure the pastors have a program.
  4. Remain in the back of the sanctuary during the service to assist with late arrivals and so that you are aware of any other need that may arise during the service. 
  5. Be prepared to take up the tithes and offerings.  Begin with the side rows and work front to back.  Then return to the front of the church and collect the center row in the same manner.  Return offering plates to the sound booth. 
  6. Remain alert during the service for any needs that may arise. 
  7. At the conclusion of the service open the sanctuary doors.
  8. Notify the Usher/Greeter Coordinator if you will not be present for your assigned service. 
  9. Be faithful to attend all worship services unless providentially hindered and actively participate in a Sunday School class.
  10. Be faithful to support the church with your tithes and offerings.
  11. Be diligent in your personal bible study and prayer so that your continued spiritual growth will set a Godly example for others.