Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for personnel management at Pine Street Baptist Church.  This committee should, if possible, include church members who have experience in personnel matters and/or leadership roles. 

  1. Pray for guidance in making personnel decisions and for the staff of the church.
  2. Evaluate positions and recommend additions/deletions of positions, putting these recommendations before the church for its approval. 
  3. Review, update and develop job descriptions for positions as needed and put before the church for its approval.
  4. Work with the Finance Committee to determine possible compensation for positions approved by the church.
  5. Receive resumes from persons seeking positions with the church, unless the church has charged specific committees with the responsibility for filling the position. 
  6. Work closely with the pastor and Finance Committee to develop a package for prospective pastoral candidates and other staff positions.
  7. Interview and recommend qualified candidates for approved positions on the church staff as authorized. 
  8. Establish policies to assist the church to make the ministry and work of the church staff effective and meaningful.  Policies should include, but are not limited to: Compensation, Workplace Guidelines, Benefits, and Performance Standards.
  9. Provide the congregation information and updates regarding personnel issues only as essential for the church to make a final decision regarding the hiring or dismissal of personnel.  Confidentiality should be maintained at all times through this process. 
  10. Recommend for church approval performance standards that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and trackable.
  11. Position descriptions will be used to determine the effectiveness of the staff member in relation to their work.
  12. Develop a performance evaluation process to be approved by the church and used annually.  The committee will work with the Senior Pastor to set a time for performance evaluations.  The committee may meet with the pastor to complete the evaluation or may request another individual or group within the congregation to evaluate the Pastor’s work.
  13. Be faithful to attend all worship services unless providentially hindered and actively participate in a Sunday School class.
  14. Be faithful to support the church with your tithes and offerings.
  15. Be diligent in your personal Bible study and prayer so that your continued spiritual growth will set a Godly example for others.