Bereavement Coordinator

The Bereavement Coordinator will oversee support to church members who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

  1. Visit the home and/or family as appropriate.  This may include the visitation at the funeral home.
  2. Arrange to have someone help with food, flowers, etc. at the home during the funeral if needed.
  3. Contact church members as needed to arrange for meals for the family.
  4. Send flowers, cards, etc. on behalf of the church. 
  5. Touch base with the family often after the loss and funeral proceedings.
  6. Pray for the family as often as possible. 
  7. Be faithful to attend all worship services unless providentially hindered and actively participate in a Sunday School class.
  8. Be faithful to support the church with your tithes and offerings.
  9. Be diligent in your personal bible study and prayer so that your continued spiritual growth will set a Godly example for others.