Baptism Team

The Baptism Team will assist with baptism services to ensure that the baptistery is prepared and the baptism candidate is ready for the service.  The Coordinator of the Team will ensure that the Team is aware of baptism services coming up and will oversee the responsibilities of the Team. 

  1. Pray for the baptism services and the baptism candidates prior to the service. 
  2. Have the steps leading up to the baptistery put up and taken down for each baptism service.
  3. Ensure that supplies are ready for the baptism services (towels, plastic bags, etc.).
  4. Instruct the baptism candidate on how they will enter and exit the baptistery. 
  5. Assist the baptism candidates in the youth building with wet clothing.
  6. Clean up all water at the conclusion of the baptism service.  
  7. Be faithful to attend all worship services unless providentially hindered and actively participate in a Sunday School class.
  8. Be faithful to support the church with your tithes and offerings.
  9. Be diligent in your personal bible study and prayer so that your continued spiritual growth will set a Godly example for others.